The Psychology of Political Decisions

The Psychology of Political Decisions

Helping you make better political decisions by understanding the psychology of politics.


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I have had the amazing opportunity to teach several undergraduate courses in the Department of Political Science and in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University since Fall 2017. Here is a list of the courses I’ve taught and the most recent syllabi.

Department of Political Science:
  • POLI 205 Introduction to International Relations
    • Semester: Fall 2017; Fall 2018; Summer 2021; Summer 2022; Fall 2023
  • POLI 301 Social Movements and Protest Politics
  • POLI 302 International Security
  • POLI 304 Theories of Foreign Policy Making
  • POLI 315 International Organizations
  • POLI 394 Globalization and Sustainable Development
  • POLI 400 Advanced Seminar in International Relations Theory
    • Semester: Fall 2018; Fall 2019; Fall 2020; Fall 2021
  • POLI 408 Public Opinion and Public Policy
  • POLI 421 Transnational Politics
Department of Sociology and Anthropology:
  • SOCI 212 Statistics I
  • SOCI 213 Statistics II

Since the Winter 2018 semester, I’ve had the privilege of teaching Political Science and Methodology courses in the Department of Economics and Political Science. One of the amazing parts about teaching at Champlain College is that I get to interact with students from so many different programs: regular political science and methodology courses for Social Science and International Studies students, and complementary courses in political science for non-social science students. While I generally specialize in international relations and public opinion courses at the university level, I get the opportunity at Champlain to teach the full range of political science subjects. Here are a list of the courses I’ve taught.

Program Courses in Political Science:
  • 385-101-LA Introduction to Political Science
  • 385-202-LA Comparative Politics
  • 385-203-LA International Politics
Methodology Courses in the Social Sciences:
  • 360-101-LA Quantitative Methods
  • 300-101-LA Introduction to Methodology
  • 300-301-LA Integration Seminar in the Social Sciences
Complementary Courses in the Social Sciences (for non-Social Science students):
  • 385-A1A-LA Politics and Society
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