The Psychology of Political Decisions

The Psychology of Political Decisions

Helping you make better political decisions by understanding the psychology of politics.



Professor of Political Science
Department of Economics and Political Science
Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Lecturer in Political Science and Sociology
Department of Political Science and Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Concordia University

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My name is Mark Paradis. I’m a Professor of Political Science in the Department of Economics and Political Science at Champlain College Saint-Lambert and a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University. I teach a variety of courses in political science and research methods. You can learn more about my courses at Champlain and at Concordia on my Teaching page.

My research is at the intersection of political psychology, public opinion, foreign policy, and experimental methods. Specifically, my research has focused on the psychology of elite decision-making; the role of public opinion in foreign policy decision-making in Canada and the United States; and on Canada-U.S. security relations. My research has been published in academic journals and in as book chapters, including articles in International Organization, Political Psychology, and the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal. You can learn more about my research on my Publications page.

You can find more details about me in my CV and on my Google Scholar page.

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When I’m not teaching, researching, or working on this website, I love to relax with a glass of beer or wine while watching TV. There is something amazing about being able to escape into some truly creative minds through film and television. I still have a collection of 400+ DVDs collecting dust in my apartment (thanks Netflix). When I lived in LA, I adored attending screenings or film festivals. I also enjoy to watch pretty much any sport, but I’m most likely to be watching college football, hockey, and Formula 1.

I also need to keep active. Beyond using the home gym that I built up during the pandemic, I’m an “aspiring” acrobat (aerial and regular), and enjoy spending time on my bike and in the pool. If I’m not able to be active, I’m not able to think properly.

While I haven’t been able to travel as much lately, many of my most cherished memories are from my travels. I’ve been lucky enough to visit 17 countries and swim in 3 oceans (Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific). Ok, I’m not sure that running in and out of the Artic Ocean qualifies as “swimming,” but it was a pretty awesome experience.

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